We Are GALAMSEY Boys Not Armed Robbers – Obuasi Boys Who Were Tagged As Armed Robbers Curse Publicly


Earlier this week there has been several trends on social media on a group of boys suspected to be armed robbers.

According to a reportage by JoyMate360.com yesterday, there has been a trending video on social media which features a group of boys who were seen displaying weapons and threatening messages to their subjects.

In an interview on Angel TV this morning, one of the guys in the trending video identified as Obour explained that he and his friend are not armed robbers but galamsey boys. He further explained that, they were practicing illegal mining known in Ghana as Galamsey and were attacked by a group of people so they defeated the group.

He also said, the weapons they were holding thus the two pistils in the video were recovered from the mining site while the larger gun belongs to his brother. According to him all the images that were attached to the trend were taken in October last year just as same as the video.

In this same regard, the group were captured on camera cursing the particular person who began tagging them as armed robbers which led to the trend on social media.

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