VIDEO: Teacher Kwadwo drops Black Sherif’s Second Sermon refix


Popular Ghanaian teacher comedian and social media sensation Teacher Kwadwo who has for past few weeks been on the nerves of the Ghana Education Service has packaged his problems in a song form to the government to #FixGES.

In this new trends, Teacher Kwadwo puts all his problems with the Ghana Education Service in a song form.

He used the currently trending Second Sermon freestyle from Black Sherif and refixed it to send his message across to ignite his #FixGES campaign.

The main purpose of the #FixGES campaign was stated by Teacher Kwadwo few weeks ago to hoot at the problems in the educational sector and the stress teachers go through just to provide education to students.

He has also been laying emphasis on the writing of lesson note by teachers as a punishment looking at the load of works they do but yet they are asked to write lesson notes while it could be digitalised.

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