VIDEO: Nadia Buari Storms Social Media As She Sings Cecilia Marfo’s ‘What Shawa Say ‘ Hilariously

Nadia Buari | Cecilia Marfo

Popular Ghana’s actress Nadia Buari has joined others on the trends as she storms social media with hilarious video that has been used by many to tease Cecilia Marfo.

In a trending Tiktok video, Nadia Buari is seen lip singing to a voice over of gospel musician Cecilia Marfo as she struggled to sing an English song.

About a week ago, gospel musician Cecilia Marfo hit the trends on social media as many took to tease her after she dropped several videos single English worship songs.

Amongst these videos one which she tried to sing ‘ What shall I say unto the lord ‘ but sang it as ‘ what Shawa say unto the lord ‘ became a social media monster hit in the trends as many took turns to tease and imitate her.

Celebrities like Abeiku Santana, her colleague musician Brother Sammy many others also joined the trends and now that everyone thinks it has all ended, Nadia Buari has revived the trends with her video.

Watch the video below

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