VIDEO: Kasoa Trotro Drivers Playing Football At Station


The strike action by the Trade Union Conference (TUC) of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) is receiving mass attention as many drivers from parts of Accra and outside the Greater Accra region have joined in the action.

The situation at the Kasoa bus terminal or Trotro station in the Central Region of Ghana is nothing different as drivers took to play football at the station while passengers stand and watch them and left stranded.

The emergence of this strike action today has caused so many damages as many weren’t able to make it to work and even those who did could not make it on time.

Also, the strike action caused a heavy traffic at most locations in and outside Accra as people were in haste to get to their destinations and had to adapt to any transport means available to them now.

Even though the strike has been described as an action to hoot at the rising price of fuel, the strike has increased the purchase of ride hailing companies and taxi drivers so far as many are relying on their services.

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