Trending: Sakawa Boy’s Girlfriend Ends Up Marrying His Client


Social media has been on fire for the past 24 hours since news broke out on the turn up of circumstances against a young man referred to by many as a ‘Sakawa’ boy.

In a trending video on Instagram, the girlfriend of a the trending ‘Sakawa’ is seen chilling and enjoying her early marriage life with her white husband.

According to the narrative given by our sources, the ‘Sakawa’ boy dated the girl in the trending video for a long time and they were known together as a couple and were always seen chilling and enjoying until the sudden occurance where the alleged ‘Sakawa’ boy asked his girlfriend to help him in talking to his client (white pal).

In the video, the gi of the ‘Sakawa’ boy who is supposed to be chatting her boyfriend’s client ended up marry the client in a court wedding.

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