TERMINUS: Interesting Scenes To Expect From The Ghanaian Action Movie


The name ‘Terminus’ has remained the most anticipated name in the ghanaian populace especially amongst movie enthusiast as Ghana readies to outdoor it’s first global standard produced action and power packed movie which will make it ways onto the the movie market on January 7th.

GENERAL SYNOPSIS: A Ghanaian chemist in his bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit against an allegation stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process. A hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics is altered for testing and profit gained by a pharmaceutical giant called ROMACEUTICAL.

This happens just at the time the government of Ghana is at war with illegally manufactured and imported medicines smuggled into the country. With the news out there in the world, the pharmaceutical gods and their partners all around the world led by a viciously known cartel called BADIBULLU, launched an operation to silence and contain the situation.

This led the Ghanaian government to evoke the best team of special force soldiers handpicked by the President herself to combat a formidable adversaries in the fight against the criminal organisations.

This development puts Ghana under the toughest of tests any nation could survive. But, the President of Ghana is the strongest the nation has ever had being a woman, backed by a determined team and cabinet. Meanwhile, the Badibullu cartel will do anything to stop Ghana from exposing a 2 billion dollar research finally ready to make profit after ten years of perfecting a secret formula.

Director: Abu Iddris Producers: Mawuko Kuadzi & Abu Iddris Executive Producers: Mr. & Mrs. Baatimah

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