South African Rapper Casper Nyovest Heavily Beats Social Media Troll In A Boxing Match


South African rapper and music icon Casper Nyovest has gone hard on a social media critic as he beats the hell out of him in a boxing match.

After receiving several trolls from the popular critic known as Slik Talk, Casper Nyovest organized a fight night between himself and his critic.

The fight which was dubbed ‘Fame vs Clout’ went live last night as it hit over 100k live views on youtube as netizens and entertainment enthusiast gathered online to watch the turn up of events in the match.

Just as expected by many, the fight did not go on well for noisy social media criticizer of Casper Nyovest, Slik Talk as he got served with heavy punches all over his face which left him bleeding as he was knocked out.

Several videos that have surfaced online so far captured him almost crying as he could not throw a punch but was at the receiving end.

Social Media users all over the world took to applaud Casper over his victory and making an example out of Slik Talk to serve as a lesson to others who do similar acts on social media.

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