So many troubles have befallen me – Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale earlier this week went very wild at Ghanaians on the #FixTheCountry protest in relation to the shooting incidents that occurred at Ejura.

In aa post on his Facebook page few days ago, musician Shatta Wale went wild at the #FixTheCountry protestors as he referred to them as disappointed graduates who are looking for someone to blame for their own failures.

In a new development on his Facebook page yesterday, Shatta Wale disclosed that so many troubles have befallen him due to his statement against the cry of citizens for a better Ghana.

He espressed his regret for his statement following he loosing some of his Facebook followers due to his statement but he also said as much as he regrets his actions it is too late to apologise for his statement which implies he is not ready to apologise over his statement.

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