Shatta Wale’s Shaxi Officially Opened To Business In The Transport Industry


Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale announced his intentions to start a ride hailing company about five months ago after he was heavily abused verbally by Ghanaians over his comments on the #FixTheCountry campaign.

At his declaration of the soon operation of the business, many took to congratulate him while others probably critics also said he was just pulling a stunt to release stress after the wrong attempt he launched on the #FixTheCountry protesters.

Just this morning, Shatta Wale has delivered on his promises to Ghanaians and his fans as his Shatta Taxi which has the acronym Shaxi opens to business in the transport industry.

According to the music guru now business mogul, Shaxi is a ride hailing business that is here to provide quality and affordable transport means to the general public and most importantly create job opportunities for the Ghanaian youth.

Tap here to download the android app 👉 Shaxi 👈.

In an instagram post to break the news on Shaxi operations, he wrote the following captions,

Well let me share this story with you today. Everybody that knows me knows I love the youth of Ghana and I always want to see them doing well. I want to see the boys and girls in the ghettos move from being unemployed into having gainful employment. That’s how the Shaxi dream was born. My team and myself set out to create a sustainable business with a focus on providing employment for the theming unemployed Ghanaians. That’s our drive and not profits. At the end day, we want to make an impact and leave our mark. Shaxi is for not just Shatta Wale and friends, it’s a Ghanaian project for Ghanaians, so lets all embrace it and make it happen. Thank you for your support and thank you to the entire team behind the Shaxi project, couldn’t have done this without you. #Shaxi 🚙🚙 It’s time to ride

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