Number of blocks and bags of cement needed to build your dream house.


In this article, you will see the number of blocks and bags of cement it takes to build 2/3/4 bedroom flat. 

I know you might have sat down with someone discussing about the cost of building a two, three or four bedroom flat. The price you might have assumed with the person might be up to 1570 GHS , 3940 GHS or even more but the truth is that building a house of your own is more and more better compared to renting a house.

The cost of renting a house now is very high to the extent that the cost of renting a 3 bedroom flat is enough to build a standard 2 bedroom flat. This is why it is advisable to build a house of your own.

Not knowing the amount or number of blocks and bag of cement in building a 2/3/4 bedroom flat can discourage you on planning to build a house. This is why this article is here for you to know the cost and how many blocks or bag of cements to build a 2/3/4 bedroom flat in order for you to start planning on building a house.

The number of blocks and bag of cement needed to build a 2/3/4 bedroom flat are listed below. 

1. 2 bedroom flat:

The number of blocks and bag of cement needed to build a 2 bedroom flat depends on the size of the room. For a medium size of a 2 bedroom flat, it will take 2,200 blocks and 125 bags of cement. 

2. 3 bedroom flat:

3 bedroom flat is usually built as a family house because all part of the family have to occupy a portion or room in the house. For instance, a family can decide to give one room to mum an dad, the second one to male children and while the last one to female children. Another family may decide to give one room to mum and dad, the second room to the children and while the third one to probably visitors.

For a normal or a medium size of a three bedroom flat, 2650 blocks and 151 bags of cement will be enough to build a 3 bedroom flat. 

3. 4 bedroom flat:

4 bedroom flat is cool for those that really want to go for it and have enough money for the building. As I mentioned earlier, the number of blocks and bag of cement used to build a house depends on the level of complexity. For a medium or an average 4 bedroom flat, 3100 blocks and 176 bags of cement is enough for the building. 

It is advisable to produce the blocks you want to use for building yourself because some companies always use little amount of cement to produce large amount of blocks. The standard number of blocks produced from a bag of cement is between 32 and 37 but some companies go as far as using one bag of cement to produce 48 bags of cement which will not make the blocks strong. This is why you need to produce the blocks yourself.

I will also advice you to use a good cement to produce your blocks and not an expired cement. Also, do not produce your blocks when it is about to rain. If it rains accidentally after producing your blocks, use a nylon or waterproof to cover your blocks in order for it to be strong enough to build your house.

I hope this article has helped you a lot. If it has, rate or drop your opinion in the comment section below. 


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