My Father Introduced Me To Smoking ‘Weed’ When I Was 10 years Old – Ghanaian Man Explains


A man took to a live radio interview which was also streamed on Television to explain how his own father taught him how to smoke Cannabis at the age of 10.

According to him, his father was addicted to cannabis at that time and mostly sent him on errands to buy him the product.

As time went on, his father began teaching him how to smoke and also use the cannabis ‘wee’.

Speaking on Atinka Media Group’s Atinka FM and being streamed live on Atinka TV at the same time on 25th November 2021, the man who was under cover for privacy reasons spoke about his bitter early childhood and his introduction to drugs on the popular evening show dubbed ‘Obi adi me awu’ on Atinka Media Group’s platforms.

He further explained that his father and mother were separated at the time and his father came for him claiming he wanted to take care of him but rather ended him up in drug abuse.

According to him, when he unveiled to his neighbors on the drug abuse practices of his father, he was given the beating of his life when he issue got to his father.

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