MTN Adopts New Sim Re-registration Strategies


Mobile Telecommunication Network or better still MTN the biggest name and brand in the Ghanaian telecommunication industry has announced their newly devised strategies to help in the ongoing Sim Re registration exercise that is happening nation wide.

Over the last few weeks since the biometric stage of the exercise began, there has been long queues at MTN offices nation wide as many Ghanaians are in haste to secure their telephone number from being blocked.

Many have criticized the number of potential work hours that is been wasted just to register Sim card which raised an alarm for the need to find new strategies to ease the hassle in the registration process.

In a bid to curb the delay, MTN Ghana has announced that they will be opening registration centres at market places and other service centres of the company to quicken the registration process and ease pressure on company staff and their customers.

In a virtual forum, senior manager in charge of regulatory affairs Samuel Bartels announced that the company is currently working to meet the 31st March deadline given by the NCA.

He stated that the company is not able to recruit all their agents nationwide to help in this state of the registration like it was done in the previous state, he said the companies app which is used by agents has limited devices it functions on which is a major problem.

Mr. Bartel explained that the company is doing well to outdoor about 200 regulation centres nationwide to help ease pressure in the re registration process and meet the scheduled end date given by the government and NCA.

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