Moesha sings worship at Church and Changes her name (video)


Actress, photo model and social media sensation Moesha Buduong has for the past few weeks trying to prove to Ghanaians on social media that she has fully repented from her previous ways.

Earlier this month, Moesha took to her Instagram page to declare she has accepted christ. Since that time, social media has seen a slight change in her style of fashion as she deleted all Photos on her Instagram page that were ungodly leaving pictures that preach the gospel of God.

On her Instagram page, Moesha changed her name from Moesha Babiinoti Buduong to Maurecia Babiinoti Buduong

In recent developments, Moesha has been sighted in a trending video zealously singing praises and worship songs as knelt down.

Even though she has given enough proof of her repentance, some social media critics are still in doubt if she has truly repented as others commend her with encouraging messages.

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