Lydia Forson blasts critics of Efia Odo


Actress, influencer and video vixen Lydia Forson blasts critics of Efia Odo in her latest release.

In a trending tweet the actress went hard at critics who have been mocking Efia Odo all over social media since yesterday Monday 5th July, 2021 when news broke viral on her announcement of breaking from the #FixTheCountry and #FixTheCountryNow online protest.

In her Tweet Lydia said Efia Odo must be applauded for putting her mental, emotional and physical health needs first and realising she has to take a break from the protest.

Looking at the instances that led to Efia Odo’s break it seems her recent arrest and the joint military and police brutalities that occurred at Ejura which was geared by the murder of a member of the #FixTheCountry and #FixTheCountryNow campaign Ibrahim Kaaka

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