Lionel Messi reacts to leaving Barcelona due to La Liga rules


Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona despite both parties having reached an agreement over a new contract, according to a club statement citing financial obstacles and regulations of La Liga.

Messi is very affected about the news of his ‘non-continuity’. The club has informed the player’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, that it was impossible to register him. At the moment, he hasn’t opened negotiations with any other club.

La Liga is worth less without Messi. Barça know it, Messi knows it, Tebas knows it and the other clubs know it. Barça try to force La Liga to “re-adjust” salary limits “for the common good”.

According to those close to Leo, he is in shock. He currently doesn’t plan on making a public appearance, he is clear that he does not want to leave before saying goodbye to the fans, he wants to first analyze & let the next few hours pass for now.

According to those close to the heavyweights (Messi) in the dressing room, the rest of the club captains did Not know anything about Messi and Barça parting ways.


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