Lady Makes Dress Out Of Bottles And Plastic Waste Materials (see photos)


Environmental protection and plastic waste management has been a major problem in Ghana ever since the influx of plastic bottles, polythene and other polypropylene materials into packaging and production of goods and services.

According to research Accra alone produces over 3 torns of waste on daily basis of which plastic waste constitutes the highest percentage of it.

This week in our community development insider, we came across 23 year old Bernice Masiku who designed a dress out of plastic bottles and plastic wrappers used in the labeling of the bottles.

In a questionnaire form of interview, the young Fashion designer and photo model told Ben Blay the following,

We are of the view that what people dump as refuge can become useful to us, as a way of creating something with the bottles, instead of throwing the bottles away to cause environmental pollution and degradation, we try to create something out of that, and I am proud of Verna water and also proud to be a Ghanaian.

According to her, she believes in becoming one of the high ranked personalities in both modeling and acting in the country to help reduce unemployment and she strongly believes helping in community development is a part of the process.

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