Kwadwo Sheldon shut up with your big head so Amerado and Obibini can continue the beef – Afia Schwarzenegger speaks


Actress Afia Schwarzenegger has also added her voice to the ongoing beef between the two of Ghana’s own top notch rappers Amerado and Obibini.

In an Instagram video, Afia Schwarzenegger went wild at Kwadwo Sheldon and Kweku Smoke to stop their pointless beef in order to pave way for the ongoing beef between Amerado and Obibini to take over the social media space.

In the video, Afia Schwar went ahead to insult Kwadwo Sheldon that he has a big head and nose so he and Kweku Smoke should just shut up so that Violence (Vawulence) can continue between Obibini and Amerado.

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