Just In: Black Sherif Hits 12 Million Views On Vskit With Second Sermon

Black Sherif

Ghanaian music sensation Kweku Frimpong who is known by his stage name Black Sherif has made the Ghanaian music industry proud with his new achievement.

Black Sherif has reportedly stocked over 12 Million views to his credit on VSKIT with his Second Sermon in the #SecondSermonChallenge.

Vskit is an app for creating and sharing short interesting and funny videos majorly for entertainment. It also has a uniquely crafted algorithm that accurately connects users to the content. Vskit is the first pure short video App focus only in Africa.

On Vskit; once a user posts a video, they can share their videos immediately on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or simply copy the link and share on their various social media platforms.

It is on this note that the Vskit algorithm counted over 12 Million views made from videos with Black Sherif’s Second Sermon freestyle as the background audio.

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