Jay-Z Officially Joins Instagram And Follows Only Beyonce (Wife)


American rapper and music global music icon JAY-Z is now officially on Instagram.

The billionaire mogul, who started his music career in 1988, just celebrated his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as “the first living solo rap artist” to get the honour ever.

Surprisingly, in about just eight (8) hours he has accumulated over 1.5 Million followers on the platform with a verification.

As far as who he follows on Instagram, the only person Jay-Z follows on Instagram is his wife Beyonce.

If you’re a fan of the Brooklyn-bred entity, join the millions of people who will follow him before the night is over at @jayz on Instagram.

After years and years of not following anyone, Beyoncé has officially followed her husband, Shawn Carter, to which she has been wed for 13 years, back on Instagram. The story is still developing and JoyMate360 will keep you updated on this trend.

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