I stopped Winners Chappel because of Bad road – Afia Schwazneggar


Afia Schwazneggar still continues to unleash her anger on Christian leaders in Ghana as she moves on to address the case of Bishop Dag Heward Mills.

In two different Instagram posts, Afia Schwazneggar gives the reason she stopped going to church and why churches in Ghana must pay taxes.

She explained that, The Industrial Area branch of the Winners Chappel International where she fellowships is no exemption to churches which are not doing anything to help its members because she stopped going to church due to the deplorable state of the road that leads to the church.

She went on to say churches must pay taxes or be given the responsibility of providing one social amenity to their local community on yearly basis because pastors are enriching themselves with the money from the congregation rather than to help the community.

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