Government Declares January 7, As Holiday To Mark Constitution Day


The Constitution Day is a public holiday in Ghana which is set aside to celebrate the coming into effect of the 1992 Constitution and the birth of the country’s Fourth Republic in democracy.

The 1992 constitution of Ghana came into full effect on the 7th of January, 1993 after a referendum was held on April 28th, 1992 which saw an overwhelming approval from parliament.

Since then January 7th has been seen as a day of constitutional and democratic transformation as the country moved to a well documented ruling system which works together with democracy. Since then January 7th has also been a day where new heads of state were sworn into office after election in every four years.

Constitution Day is a new Public Holiday, which was observed for the first time in Ghana on January 7th 2019 to remind Ghanaians of the historic transformation. This day has been declared as an additional holiday under Section 2 of the Public Holiday Act, 2001 (Act 601).

On this accord, tomorrow Friday 7th January, 2022 has been declared as a public holiday to mark the remembrance and celebration of our constitutional stability as a country since 1992.

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