Funny Face Goes Wild At LGBTQI+ As He Rain Insults On Them In A Live Video

Funny Face

Vibrant and controversial Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has since yesterday 12th October 2021 been vocal with his point of view on the trending LGBTQI+ issues in Ghana.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the popular comedy icon came out to announce his disgust towards that topic and expressed his point of view on it.

In the post he wrote the following,

“Mponkye LGBTQ GYE NYAME” – Am da last condom you stupid useless Totogenic.. simply put TW3 to TW3 girls and trumu trumu boys wanna fuck with !!! am ruthless and I don’t give a FUCK!! Cos am mad already plus I have a madness Certificate… so don’t try me.. I will kill you and go free cos as am typing now sef .. I did not take my 7:30 medicine ABODAMMM.. but I will use my madness to fight for the purification of mother GHANA and GHANAIANS.. bring it on !! ANIMALS CO Find xVVTO JEHOVAH ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY”

Early this morning, the comedian came out again in an Instagram live video to throw some verbally abusive words at the people involved in the LGBTQI+ in what he describes as a step to purify Ghana.

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