DOWNLOAD MP3: Save My Soul By DM Dessy


There’s not much attention on the underground youth filled with tremendous talents. A little research discovered one rapper who unfortunately hasn’t achieved enough audience despite his gift.Dream Maker Dessy.

As said by him, everyone has some reason behind what he or she is wishing to be.You may call this mere inspiration but to him, it’s an energy of some sort.One that is acquired from his role models, their songs, quotes and even lifestyle.

I’m nowhere near my boundaries so I gotta keep moving forward.”Inspirational words fitting of a role model.The title ‘Save My Soul’, expresses the rappers need for recognition and positivity. Something undiscovered artists need in their work.

The rap addresses not only important issues to the artist but also talks about personal experiences he wishes to share with us.”I want them to understand that life gets hard but that’s not the end of the story. There’s a man up there we can look up to.

Tap on the three dots beside the audio file below to download the song.

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