Check Out Fleet Of Luxurious Cars Owned By Cheddar (+photos)


Born Freedom Jacob Caesar on February 13th, 1980 also known as Nana Kwame Badiako or Cheddar, the ghanaian real estate developer and business mogul has acheived a lot to his name.

With over 20years in the real estate industry, Cheddar has built over 700 commercial estates hoses and has accumulated enough wealth to his name over the years.

With Forbes’ estimation of over $2.5 billion as the net worth of Cheddar, he is known for his wild taste for luxurious vehicles as his style of Tech fashion.

Cheddar is known to football enthusiast especially fans of portuguese football legend Christiano Ronaldo due to the fact that he bought the footballer’s Lambhorghini some few years ago.

In addition Cheddar has in his possession some luxurious vehicles which are very scarce in Ghana but he doesn’t flaunt them on a regular day. Some of these cars are Ferrari, Lambhorghini, Lambhorghini Aventador, Rezvani Tank, Rolls Royce amongst other highly priced luxury vehicles.

See photos of some of his cars in the Instagram picture slide below,

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