Amerado Sparks Confirmation On Rumors Of Dating Delay


Ghanaian musician and the trending ‘Abotrɛ’ song hitmaker Amerado is highly heated up on the social trends after he made a few posts that went viral.

On twitter during the weekend, Amerado started off with tweets that were hooting at age barriers that people try to talk about in relationships.

People were struggling to understand him and the reason for his tweets and it landed on his previous trends before the release of his Patience EP where he was dragged on trends after a failed proposal attempt on Business mogul and TV personality Delores Frimpong Manso known to many as Delay.

Amerado Burna continued to indirectly tweet on the topic until the moment he finally posted a picture of Delay with no caption but rather love emoji’s on his Twitter handle.

During the same period, tweets sourced from the Twitter account of Delay were also going by the same narrative as she also posted a picture of Amerado and herself with no caption but love emoji’s.

Even though the two haven’t said anything verbally to announce a possible relationship, netizens have chosen to accept the fact that the two are in a relationship with regards to the tweets they have made in the previous weeks.

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