15-year-old student behind all 3 fire outbreaks at Accra Academy confesses


A 15 year old student of the Accra Academy has finally opened up on his role behind all the fire outbreaks in the school .The 15-year-old boy has however been arrested based on his own confessions.

According to him, he was forced to school in Accra Academy against his will so he wanted to burn down the school so that it would be closed down.

During interrogations, he allegedly told the police that he did that because he wanted to be a day student, instead of the boarding option he was offered during his admission.

The boy allegedly confessed to the committee members and explained how he set ablaze dormitories in the school on three separate occasions. He allegedly said he bought petrol from a nearby fuel service station in a used mineral water bottle with which he set fire to the dormitories.
The suspect reportedly sprinkled the petrol in the dormitory, lit a match to set the dormitory ablaze during ‘prep’ time.

After the first two incidents of fire in the dormitory blocks, the Ghana National Fire service became suspicious of the recurring incidents. According to the GNFS, the pattern of all three fire incidents was similar as it happened around the time where all students were supposed to be at preps. The fire service reportedly lodged a complaint with the Police on June 25, after they doused the third fire on June 23. The boy has been handed over to the school authorities in the company of his uncle.

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